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My releases
Page: Thread: ByteShare Releases

What I'm encoding:
Guardians of the Galaxy
Fresh Off The Boat
Star Wars Rebels
The Simpsons
... -See more at: Thread: What shows are you encoding ?
Please direct all of your requests to our main UTR account:
From there someone gets assigned and will work on it as soon as they are available.

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The Wall


I noticed Everwood S01-S04 was listed on your byteshare releases thread,
but there is no torrent attached yet. Is it still being encoded or is there some other problem?

Also Thank you for all the hard work you doclap

Last edited by BlazeSeven, 6 days ago

I meant to upload it on Saturday, then ran out of free time, and have just been trying to find the time right now.
Thank you for looking at my thread! Feels like no one does :(
Torrent: Everwood S1-4 WebDL 720p 2.0 x265 HEVC-ByteShare[UTR]
Thank you for the torrentthumb_up

I've been going through your threads the past couple of days, it's great:)
Also an easier way to get to DMCA'd torrents.

One of my HDD stopped working, so I'll have download everything again, some of the torrents that I want to download have been DMCA'd (Into The Badlands and Justified). Since I already have so much stuff in queue, I thought I should ask you instead of just downloading.

Will the web-seed still work, even after the torrent has been DCMA'd??!!
Yes, it should because all of my packs are on TPB as well. If you look in the description their is a link in the torrent to TPB, or if you go to my release page: Thread: ByteShare Releases
You'll find a link under the KAT one to TPB.

As for seeds, I'm sorry but I had a similar issue with my hard drive so most of my other stuff I lost myself. I'm seeding what I can, but if you can't find a seed I'd try messaging users that commented or rated my torrents. I had good luck doing this when trying to recover some of my files.
Whoa.....that was quick!! And thanks for the advice.thumb_up

Last edited by Gzgc2e, 1 week ago

Hey Mate..wave
Thanks For Being My Friend..lovelinessloveliness
hye you said you will do james bond movie one by one and you have liked my requests also but you not yet uploaded single james bond movie still more time required for you to upload movies? please upload soon waiting for it.

Last edited by athray, 1 week ago

I'm working from the oldest to the newest:
Also, the source is very slow. It took about a month for Dr. No. I'm encoding that one now.
For Tomorrow Never Dies it will be a long wait.

Thank you very much for Boardwalk Empire, great work. Keep it up. coolthumb_up
Just went through your To-Do List in UTR's thread
I guess JoyBell has already uploaded Downton Abbey..
I'm doing just the first season. Joys had a messed up episode and she doesn't have the source anymore.

Wanted to say thank you for all your hard work. Youve done a few shows (Justified, Penny Dreadful, Youre The Worst) that no one else has and your encodes are great. Very much appreciated. rock
You probably have a lot on your plate but how are we doing with these?
I would like you to know that size is not an issue for me anymore.

Request: Justice League and Justice L...nlimited The Animated Series

Request: Ultimate Spider-Man Season 4 (running)
Updated notes on Spider-Man. I never said I was doing the Justice League request.
That's okay. Anyways, I thought you were going to do Spiderman from season 1.
I can't even find my request.
I might, but I'm not working on it right now.
That's disappointing cause there's no 1080p Ultimate Spiderman on torrents.
Anyways, it's totally your decision but I hope you do it sometime later.

Glad to see you're doing Penny Dreadful again. I hope you make it really good. clap

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